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Welcome to the Philadelphia Pen Collectors website.  Our main interest is in fountain pens.  That’s modern fountain pens, vintage fountain pens, fountain pen history, fountain pen ephemera, fountain pen ink, and the use and enjoyment of fountain pens.  Collectors of pencils, ballpoints, dip pens and other writing instruments are also welcome.

In Memoriam…

We’re saddened to hear of the passing of Ed Budman, a Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group member.  We’ve received the following email from Ed’s son, which we are sharing here:

Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 4:30 PM
From: dipmaster9@aol.com
Subject: Ed Budman’s memoir
To all-
I have been receiving many touching sentiments from you all regarding your feelings about my father, Ed Budman.  My brother, Brandon, and I have decided to compose a memoir of my father’s life, based on the personal accounts and stories of those that he considered friends.  We are still focused on the funeral arrangements for this upcoming Friday, but at your convenience, please try to come up with any memorable stories or interactions that you can recall which exemplifies the kind of person he was to you and forward them to my email at: derekbudman@hotmail.com and CC my brother at brandon.budman@gmail.com
I appreciate your help with this effort to create a family keepsake which will keep my dad’s memory alive and to show to our children when they get older.
Derek Budman

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