DC and NY/NJ shows have happened since my last post

Looks like I haven’t done much with the site since July.  That means I’ve been to the Washington DC Supershow (August) and the NY/NJ Pen Show (last weekend) since then.  These are the two shows besides Philadelphia that are closest to our club members.

DC was long enough ago that I don’t recall offhand much to say, but NY/NJ was just last weekend so still fresh in my mind.

Usually when I go to a show it takes me a while to look around before I buy anything but that was not what happened last weekend.  Within minutes I had bought an inexpensive Ducati 850 in yellow from Menash Murad, and also from him a silver swiss army knife.  At the very next table Bert Oser of Bertram’s Inkwell had great prices on the two Stipula Gaudi limited editions.  Wasn’t going to get one since I couldn’t decide between the two very different designs, but when he offerred me a package price for both, wel….

Richard Binder has been threatening to restore and sell me a Snap-fil for better than two years, and he came through big time!  These weren’t the only purchases I made during the show but I’ve said enough.  One additional hint: I’ve been using the Nakaya I bought some time back a lot lately.

There are people who enjoy pens but don’t go to pen shows.  I don’t get it.  How else do you see and learn?  Internet is great, but nothing like touching and holding and seeing in person.

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