Fall meeting notification sent

Last Saturday at noon Alan sent out the email announcing the May meeting.  It reads as follows:

Philadelphia Pen Club Meeting Notice
October 18, 2008
11am to 1pm
rsvp for security clearance

The featured program
Rick Krantz speaking on
Chilton Pens


You’ve heard of Wife Swap, House Swap, how about

Bring us your old, your tired,
Your weird color ink,
Put it out for someone else to take and enjoy
and you take what you like.
It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap.
Bring your ink to our meeting on
Saturday October 18th, at the Cira Center
11am to 1pm

2929 Arch Street Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA. 19104-2889

Please RSVP to Alan Blacker (blackeraj@hotmail.com) or visit our web site,

Please use the kitchen for the ink swap
Please bring a picture ID.

DC and NY/NJ shows have happened since my last post

Looks like I haven’t done much with the site since July.  That means I’ve been to the Washington DC Supershow (August) and the NY/NJ Pen Show (last weekend) since then.  These are the two shows besides Philadelphia that are closest to our club members.

DC was long enough ago that I don’t recall offhand much to say, but NY/NJ was just last weekend so still fresh in my mind.

Usually when I go to a show it takes me a while to look around before I buy anything but that was not what happened last weekend.  Within minutes I had bought an inexpensive Ducati 850 in yellow from Menash Murad, and also from him a silver swiss army knife.  At the very next table Bert Oser of Bertram’s Inkwell had great prices on the two Stipula Gaudi limited editions.  Wasn’t going to get one since I couldn’t decide between the two very different designs, but when he offerred me a package price for both, wel….

Richard Binder has been threatening to restore and sell me a Snap-fil for better than two years, and he came through big time!  These weren’t the only purchases I made during the show but I’ve said enough.  One additional hint: I’ve been using the Nakaya I bought some time back a lot lately.

There are people who enjoy pens but don’t go to pen shows.  I don’t get it.  How else do you see and learn?  Internet is great, but nothing like touching and holding and seeing in person.

Can anyone tell me what I missed?

(As posted in reply to the question above on FPN, regarding Saturday’s meeting)

There are some pictures of the meeting in the photo album on the website. John Roede gave a great presentation on the Franklin Pen Company of Philadelphia. His research included a lot of information on the families involved including some gathered from interviews of surviving descendents. John brought along examples of Franklin pens from various periods of the company’s history including eyedropper, plunger and lever filling pens.

Afterwards there was plenty of show & tell with plenty of both vintage and modern pens to play with. With nearly 20 people in attendance the conference table was full but the room was still comfortable.

May meeting notification sent

Yesterday afternoon at 4 Alan sent out the email announcing the May meeting.  It reads as follows:

Subject: Phila., Pen Club

Ben sign the
Declaration of Independence
with a fountain pen?
John Roede
Will tell us all about
Franklin Fountain Pens
At our next meeting on May 10th
11am to 1pm
Don’t miss this exciting conundrum.
Our meetings are at the Cira Center Center
2929 Arch Street Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA., PA. 19104-2889

Please RSVP to Alan Blacker (blackeraj@hotmail.com) or visit our web site,
Please bring a picture ID.